Our responsibilities

As a communications provider registered with Ofcom in the UK, we must keep to Ofcom’s General Conditions of Entitlement.

We are committed to keeping to the conditions that apply to us. For example, the conditions for migrating services and managing disputes.

Disputes and complaints

If you have a disagreement with us, we will manage this in line with the Ofcom Approved Code of Practice for Complaints Handling.

You can find our complaints procedure here.

If you have a complaint, please tell us about it and we will do our best to sort it out. We will try to put things right within eight weeks of you letting us know.

If we haven’t sorted out your complaint within eight weeks or you are still unhappy, you can pass your complaint to the Ombudsman. We are a member of the Ombudsman Services Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme, and the scheme is independent of us.

The Ombudsman will consider both sides of the argument. It will then make a decision that it thinks is fair.

Usually, the Ombudsman will make a decision within six weeks of receiving the complaint. It may take longer if your complaint is complicated or if there is a lot of information to consider.

You don’t need a legal representative to use the scheme. Neither do you have to pay anything.

You can contact Ombudsman Services in the following ways:


Ombudsman Services: Communications
3300 Daresbury Park






0330 440 1614

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